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Accept online payments with credit and debit cards via PayPal. The House adopts a bill that makes it possible to report rent, telecommunications and utilities to rating agencies. The House adopted H.R. 435, The Credit Access and Inclusion Act of 2017, on 25 June.

This bill would change the Fair Trade credit report act to contain a section enabling an individual or the Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide information to loan inquiry offices in connection with the payment of a housing rental or supply or telecommunication services contracts.

Under the draft law, an electricity supplier will not be allowed to provide information on the use of supply or information on an amount due to the customer if the customer has completed a payment schedule and meets the payment schedule commitments. Legal responsibility for breaches of the Law on the Protection of Credits of Consumers does not cover breaches of the law.

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There are many ways to make payments, such as direct debiting, on-line, by telephone, by mail, in person or by wire transfers. This is how you create a direct debiting with us. Please fill in our direct debiting sheet (pdf, 35KB) (opens a new window) and send it to the adress on the sheet. It is also possible to go to our Citizen Service Point with your local banking institution, home savings and loan association or cooperative and complete a Citizen Service Point from there.

Payment is guaranteed by the acceptance giro guaranty (pdf, 15KB) (opens in new window). You will be paid each month by calculating how much you must spend to have a clear rental balance by the end of the fiscal year (March 31) multiplied by the number of remaining months paid each year.

You will find these on your statements of accounts, letters of rental increases, invoices or letters of overdue items. In case you do not know your personal identification number, you can use your personal identification number (PIN) to make your payment. It is the eight-digit number that will appear under your name on your magnetic stripe reader label. Send it directly to your local banking institution, savings and loan association or cooperative and let us know the starting date and the amount of your permanent order.

Should you need to make changes to your permanent order, please get in touch directly with your local savings and loan association. In order to make a payment from your online payment provider, log on to its website. Please call our 24-hour payment line at 0870 707 7776. This number can also be used to verify the amount due on your current accounts.

The use of a direct debiting or payment method is free of cost. On the Allpayments.text website, please sign up with your direct debiting or payment details. It is possible to make a payment at any post office or PayPointoutlet with your house payment stripe ticket. Wait four business days for your payment to arrive in your bankroll.

Begin your request with "Payment swipe map ". You can make your payment at our Citizen Service Point in the form of either direct debiting, direct debiting or using your bank transfer key. The use of a direct debiting or payment method is free of cost. Provide saving, billing, budget and loan bank balances and help set up an automatic rental payment bank for you.

Please contact Bristol Credit Union at 0117 924 7309 or go to the Bristol Credit Union website for more information. Log in to a Bristol account and review your rental inventory and other apartment payment details on-line.

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