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Go get my credit history.

Will this problem with your address affect your ability to get a loan? What can I do to get my credit history registered with my credit card company? Since January 2008 I have been working for RBS in the field of finance. Equifax says they didn't give them any of my banks stories, so I can't get credit anywhere because I "don't exist". Is there any kind of legally binding duty on the part of the banks to inform the credit bureaus of my history as a borrower?

I' m having exactly the same issue with HSBC. With HSBC, I can successfully track my bank history, but I can' t find my HSBC credit history. But with only my good HSBC bank history (and with my credit history I have an as good balance of payments) it was enough for Experian to rate me 948, although I can't sign up to dial in this state.

Equifax is not able to track my bank history or credit history. I' ve talked to HSBC countless and countless time, and they have always stressed that they have informed all credit bureaus about my credit data. Since I cannot sign up to voting in this land, I have been here for less than 5 years and Equifax can't even find my bank and credit history - the only credit contracts I have - I couldn't bother to ask them for credit because I know it would be very bad.

Virgin also said to me that Equifax is the credit bureau used to do credit check for individual persons in my zip code area, so the tip was to clear up any disputes with Equifax (I felt like an Equifax hostage!) before I went further purchasing and was rejected for either a cellular phone plan, credit limits or broad band plans.

5 and a half years ago I began an on-line conflict with Equifax so that they could ask for my bank and credit history in my name together with HSBC. I' m not sure if it concerns you to get loans, that was my query. All I had to do in this case was change the postcode and since the original mailing was Royal Mail, all I had to do was ask the advice if they had the incorrect information, which they did in seconds, and they said it had been done.

So for a short time I was living in a viktorian row home that had just been transformed into two apartments, and the owner said that he had just asked the municipal government to register the additional real estate and get a separate adress. Spidermev Hullo, Does this issue with your location feeling your cognition to get a debt?

Therefore, they tell me, none of my bank histories show up and why no one will consider me for a credit. To whom did you send your application to get an adress? Receive the latest savings advice, asset growth expertise and generally useful finance information sent directly to your mailbox by typing your e-mail below.

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