How to obtain your Credit Report

This is how you get your credit information

It is important that you check your credit report as even small mistakes can cause problems. Nod, Clear Score and Experian to check your creditworthiness regularly. Comprehensive guide for your credit reports and credit scoring. Visit

uk for details on your credit rating.

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Credit reports are an assessment of your past performance. It' what the creditors are going to use to help them determine whether they should authorize or refuse your request for a poor credit facility, a credit line or a home loan, among other things. Where can I verify my creditworthiness? There are currently 3 credit bureaus in the United Kingdom:

Expert (Credit Expert), Equifax and CallCredit (Noddle). You probably have slightly different version of your credit report, so it is wise to check with all three, and not only with a single one. Be sure to review your credit reports on a regular basis as this is a good way to prevent ID scams, so you should review them at least once a year.

It will also include information from publically available resources, from your wireless service providers and others. It is likely that your report will need to include the following information:

Always checking your credit report

You should immediately inform the local authorities if you think you have been the subject of an ID thief. All the flaws in it can stop you from getting credit in the future. No. Therefore, they depend strongly on the information provided to them by credit institutions and other creditors. When the creditor does not agree with you and thinks that nothing is incorrect, the case can be submitted to the credit bureau for examination.

You will then have the authority to solve the problem in your favor - or not. Briefly, contact the creditor, present your proof s and ask them to correct the error, but if....

Checking your credit report

Each of them maintains a record of you that is referred to as a credit report (or credit file), although the information may vary between rating agencies. What does your credit report say? As a rule, your credit report contains the following information: Individual parts such as missing or delayed payment or default remain on your credit report for at least six years.

Information on persons who are connected to you financially, e.g. because you have taken out a loan together. They will remain on your report for at least six years. Name and date of your birthday. This is your present and former address. Who' s looking at your credit report? If you are applying for a loan, the procedure usually includes giving the lender your approval to review your credit report.

Therefore, it might be worthwhile to only request this instead of having to pay for a mandatory report. This is because they may have different information from different lenders (although there are quite a few overlaps between them). What is the best timeframe to review your credit report? When you are looking for a credit, debit, credit or other form of financing, it might be a good thing to review your credit report first if you have not viewed it for some while.

However, it makes good business to review it from case to case to make sure there are no errors or that you have not failed any payment without noticing it. So if you look around and are not yet willing to submit an application, make that clear and ask for an offer or "offer search".

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