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At the bottom of the page, please acknowledge that you accept the pre-contractual loan information. Alternatively, if you would rather choose to purchase your vehicle insurance with a singular premium, the "Back" pushbutton at the bottom of this page takes you back to the page where you can choose this one.

What you need to know and observe before concluding a loan agreement: Before concluding the loan agreement, you should make sure that you know what it is about. Does the loan qualify for what I want to use it for? Current account overdraft agreements are specially conceived for the repayment of insurance premium and are not suited for any other use.

This allows you to distribute the payments of your insurance premiums and related policies over a specified timeframe so that you can control your income over the life of your insurance policies. You will find the main cost of the loan in the pre-contract loan information (also known as Standard European Consumer credit information'SECCI'), detailing the repayment terms, any applicable fee or charge, the amount you must repay and the interest rates.

Pre-Contract credit information also shows you the annual percentage rate of charge, which can help you compare the total costs of loans. Could this arrangement have any specific characteristics that I need to pay attention to? They have the right to reimburse the loan prematurely in whole or in part. If you wish to do so, however, you will be billed interest in accordance with the contractual provisions.

Your insurance policies provide collateral for this Credit Arrangement and your insurance policies may be terminated if you default on your payment commitments. In the event that your acceptance giro order is canceled and not exchanged, we may cancel the credit contract. Your contract will continue to run if we ask you to extend your insurance and pay back by debiting.

However, we retain the right, for solvency reason, to deny you at any moment the financing of further bonuses from credits provided by us. If I can't make my payment on schedule, what happens? Failure to make payment can have serious repercussions. If you miss a payment, we will notify you to your local information agency, which may make it more challenging and costly for you to obtain loans from us and other creditors.

In the event that you do not make a one-month settlement when due, e.g. if you revoke your collection authorisation, we may rescind the credit agreement. Failure to make full payments within the requisite number of business days will also allow us to void your insurance policies and related policies that you would have left without insurance coverage.

They have the right to rescind or obtain a copy of the Credit Arrangement before the expiration of 14 calendar Days from the later day: the date after which the Arrangement is entered into. In order to initiate the revocation, you must inform us that you wish to do so by calling us at 03300 240 123, contacting us in writing at Provident Insurance, PO Box 847, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX1 9RE or by e-mailing us at

Should you have any further queries regarding the contract or the loan proposal, please call us at 03300 240 123, write to Provident Insurance, P.O. Box 847, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX1 9RE or email us at Nature of loan Current account loan arrangement, which from period to period is used to fund insurance premium to be paid The aggregate amount of the loan.

That means that the entire amount of the loan to be provided under the suggested loan facility or line of credit. There is no line of credit available at the date of the first facility. When and how a loan is granted We will make a loan available to you to fund the settlement of all insurance and related product payments agreed from period to period with Provident Insurance at your solicitation.

Maturity of the credit arrangement The arrangement does not provide for a specific maturity. Refunds If you request us to fund your purchases under this Arrangement, we will notify you of the minimal amount of money you must pay each month. Loans are measured by multiplying the aggregate amount of borrowings plus interest accrued on each significant operation by the residual maturity of the insurance policies.

When there is more than one deal under this arrangement, we sum the entire amount paid to a minimal amount per month. Regarding your first deal there is an prepayment of 0.00 followed by 11 evenly spread payments of 0.00 pounds per month. That is the amount you will be paying if you do not continue to make purchases under this arrangement.

Since this arrangement allows you to take out loans on prospective opportunities, we must use an exemplary APR computation using default assumption. If you have a £1200 line of credit, we expect you to be able to lend £1200. Proposal for granting a loan in the shape of postponed payments for goods or provision of a service.

Service Specification For the purpose of paying for insurance and related items taken out with Provident Insurance. We are entitled to subtract any amount due under this Arrangement from the value of any right or other due and payable sum under any insurance contract it finances.

The interest shall be valid for the entire term of the credit agreement, unless we change the interest that we may set in accordance with the credit agreement by notifying you in writing of the new interest at least 7 working days before. No fees will be charged for delayed or omitted deliveries, but interest will still be charged on outstanding balance at the prevailing interest rates until we have received delivery, before and after the judgement.

Failure to make the necessary arrangements can have serious repercussions. In the event you do not make a deposit or reverse a money order in relation to due deposits under this Arrangement, we may reverse the insurance policies and related policies for which the funds are used. You' re no longer covered.

Might also make it more difficult for you to get a loan in the near term. Withdrawal You have the right to rescind the Loan Arrangement up to 14 calendar nights after the date on which the Arrangement is entered into or you will be provided with a copy of the Arrangement, whichever is later.

In order to initiate the revocation, you must inform us that you wish to do so by calling us at 03300 240 123 or by contacting us in writing at Provident Insurance, PO Box 847, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX1 9RE or by e-mail at You have the right to early redeem this arrangement in whole or in part at any moment by notifying us at the above post or e-mail addresses or by calling 03300 240 123.

If we choose not to continue this agreement on the base of information provided by a credential bureau, we will notify you at the time of notification of the choice that it was made on the base of information provided by a credential bureau and details of that bureau.

If you have a reclamation, please call us on 03300 240 640, send us an e-mail at uk or contact the Customer Relations Team, Provident Insurance, PO Box 847, Dean Clough, Halifax, HX1 09RE. Are the cardholders the same as the policyholders?

Payment for provider insurance direct debit must be made from the bank specified in this manual, taking into consideration the guarantees guaranteed by the direct debit guarantee. However, I appreciate that this statement may stay with Provident Insurance and if so, the data will be transmitted to my bank/building company via electronic means. Does the policyholder have the bank in his name?

When the amount, date or rate of your direct debit COVEA INSURANCE PLC change, the as: The PROVIDENT INSURANCE will inform you 5 workingdays prior to the debit of your bank details or as otherwise stipulated. You are acting as if you are requesting the COVEA INSURANCE PLC: A PROVIDENT INSURANCE to debit a deposit, confirming the amount and the date will be given to you at the moment of the Inquiry.

When a mistake is made in the disbursement of your direct debit, COVEA INSURANCE PLC will consider you as a customer: PRVIDENT INSURANCE or your local savings and loan association, you are eligible for a full and immediate reimbursement of the amount of money received from your local savings and loan association. - For any refund to which you do not have a claim, you must return it if COVEA INSURANCE PLC is deemed to be the COVEA INSURANCE PLC:

INSURANCE asks you to do so. Cancellation of a direct debit is possible at any point in your life by just going to your local savings and loan association. You will receive an extension request before we make any payment and you can unsubscribe at any point by contact us. If you choose to choose to pay for your insurance in monetary terms, you are signing a loan contract that is governed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If you do not make a payment under the loan contract, your insurance may be canceled. Your creditworthiness may be adversely affected, which may limit your ability to obtain loans in the near term or may be available at a higher price. Any and all particulars of the Arrangement, as well as your right to rescind the Arrangement, are contained in the following statement, which should be reviewed thoroughly.

PIease review and accept the following agreement: If you wish to be subject to the legal conditions of the current overdraft facility, please mark the appropriate box.

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