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Macrocredits help to solve this situation by gradually improving households. House to House Loan (H2H) A loan is available to help the owner make a repair or improvement so that the real estate can be used. This loan is available to an owner who wishes to buy or lease the real estate. A loan can be used for work on a dwelling or business premises, which may involve dividing a piece of real estate into apartments.

Claimants can request a loan of up to 25,000 per item, up to a limit of 250,000 pounds per claimant. The loan is repaid over 2 years when the real estate is purchased or 5 years when the real estate is rented.

home loan

Loan for an owner to put his empty flat back into operation. Everything necessary to make the home live up to an adequate level. You will be visited by us to evaluate the repair and to arrange what we will help with. It is an interest-free redemption loan. It starts one months after the approval of your loan with the repaying of the loan, and you can repay it over a timeframe of up to five years.

During the term of the loan contract, the object must be leased to a lessee. They can rent the real estate to a house administration society or an offerer of public dwellings. There is a high level of interest in providing funding for home repair. Fill out the empty flats request page for funding.

House to House Loan

Houses to Homes is an organization that provides credit to help rebuild desperately needed empty homes. Mortgages are available for real estate that is vacant for six month or longer. Each loan on offer may not amount to more than 80% of the value of the real estate, taking into consideration an outstanding mortage. So if you have an outstanding £65,000 mortgages on a £100,000 real estate asset then the max loan that can be authorised is £15,000.

In certain cases it is possible that another real estate is used as collateral for the loan. Authorised credit is linked to a number of conditionality to help secure the Fund's ability to convert other empty homes into apartments.

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