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Ontario mortgage rates

Price offer - Igor Diamond - Home Commentary on the housing market - Increasing interest rates raise the yardstick? Anyone who tries to qualify first for a mortgage in Canada has just had the staff lifted another pair of scores. Major bankers have increased their five-year interest rates in recent months. The Bank of Canada now follows with an upgrade of its qualification rates.

At 5.34%, the five-year interest rates on mortgages of the Federal Reserve have risen by 20 base points from 5.14% to 5.34%. During the same time ( since July 17) the Bank's reference interest rates were increased only three time. Chargeable interest is separated from consumers' mortgage rates, but it is an important yardstick for the B-20 test already applied to uninsured mortgage owners in January.

Under the new regulations, even home purchasers with a deposit of at least 20% must be eligible for a mortgage at the BoC eligible interest rates, or 2% more than the interest rates agreed with their banks, whichever is higher. Observers point out that, as always, the rise will affect first-time purchasers the most.

This will make credit more costly and decrease the amount that purchasers can eventually be qualified for. However, it still has to be seen how the rise will impact the renovations. According to one estimation, 47% of this year' mortgage loans are ready for funding, as opposed to the regular interest rates of 25% to 35%.

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