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Talk about changes to the NOW card and the discounted travel program. Lancashire application process Kindly submit your application as well as your adress, your legal status, your legal status and your age: AFTER PROCESSING THE APPLICATION, ALL DOCUMENTATION IS SAFELY DISCARDED. Then you should submit a copy of your credentials with a recent photo that contains the credential number you received from Aftersales.

Applying in Cumbria

Citizens of Çumbria can submit their applications to any of the following agencies. The librarians will fill in your application and take your photo. It is not necessary to fill in an application or a recent photo. However, you will still need to present evidence of your adress ( please click on the links for details), an ID card and a handicapped ID card for a handicapped ID card.

The Cumbria County Council has added a discrete license for qualified handicapped candidates. See the Cumbria 24/7 links for full application and application instructions. Librarians will ask for your phone and NI numbers when filling out your application, none of which is obligatory, but useful. When you cannot reach any of the above places, please fill out an application and send it to the Transport Services Team, Cumbria County Council, Parkhouse Building, Kingmoor Park, Carlisle, CA6 4SJ.

Application for a reduced ticket (NoWcard)

Talk about changes to the NOW card and the discounted itinerary. If your only or main place of abode is in Lancashire (including Blackpool and Blackburn with Darwen), you are entitled to a reduced NoWcard flight ticket: Every NoWcard has a small chip that contains information about your discounted rate.

Your locally owned coach company's ticketing terminal reads the NoWcard, checks its validity and ensures that you are billed the appropriate fees. NoWcard records every trip on the buses.

Cards for handicapped and older persons

Discounted rides for handicapped and over 60-year-old drivers are offered as part of The NOW Card Schema. Please check the NOW Card website to see if you are entitled to a NOW Card before completing the application forms. Please check whether you are entitled to an Over 60s NOW Cardon on the NOW Card website before completing the application from.

Notice: The ages at which you are entitled to an English National Concession ticket have change. As from 6 April 2010, the retirement ages of females and males will be the same as those of females of the same date of birth.

Therefore, the early ages for men and woman to obtain coach tickets will increase progressively, from 60 on 5 April 2010 to 65 on 5 April 2020. On the NOW card website you will find the date on which you are entitled to a coach card and the earliest date on which you can request your NoWcard according to your date of birth. Please note that the date on which you are entitled to a coach card is the first date on which you can request your NoWcard.

Starting 1 March 2016, all public transport ticketing systems will show whether a Blackburn with Darwen discount tickets is not in use. That means your passport can be tagged from 1 March if it has been missing, lost, stolen, canceled, or lapsed. From April 1, tickets may no longer work on every coach and you may have to purchase a fares until you upgrade your passport.

A passport that is not passport issued may have been canceled by the authorities. What is the reason for cancelling a passport? When you have told your community that the passport has been confiscated or theft. When you are no longer eligible for discounted trips. When it' been superseded by a newer passage.

Have I got enough for a passport inspection? Until 31 March 2016, you may take the coach free of charge even if your passport has been canceled. You will then be able to verify your passport and obtain a substitute if necessary.

From April 1, 2016, what happens if the ticketing terminal indicates that my passport has been canceled? Your chauffeur will notify you that your passport is invalid and you may be required to purchase the standard adults rate if you wish to tour. You may be denied your journey if you do not wish to make your payment.

Please call Blackburn Darwen Council on 01254 588190 as soon as you can get a new passport through. By how do I know which one is effective? Use the passport with the latest expiration date if you have more than one passport - see below. Cancellation of other cards with an older expiration date has occurred and does not apply to the trip.

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