Consolidation Loan for low Credit Score

Loan for consolidation for low creditworthiness

Such loans can be taken out even if your credit rating is poor or zero. People on Facebook can influence the creditworthiness of a loan user". Won't Marketers be able to market your product and service on the basis of your personally identifiable information, not only to you, but also to your mates? This is what Facebook thinks after the latest patents. Facebook has a U.

S. patent from the U.S. patent and trademark office on a methodology that can potentially help creditors understand an applicant's customs and relationships to see if they are suitable for a loan.

According to the patented statement in a note, if a borrower requests a loan, the borrower will be able to go on Facebook and verify the creditworthiness of that person's mates. When a candidate's friend's average credit worthiness equals a certain level of credit worthiness, the candidate is accepted.

It can also be used for other things, such as to prevent members from spamming other members who are not directly linked. It can also be used to make certain user hidden from persons they are not friendly with. That could mean that the user cannot appear on results or get their message. The patents describe a technique that follows the way the user is linked to a computer within a group.

Our primary use is to prevent members of a community from spamming other members with whom they are not directly or lawfully affiliated. Others include prevention of members of the wireless community getting email from individuals or seeing it in results from individuals with whom they have no physical or legal connections.

Using societal networking contact as the foundation for credit scoring is debatable, because just because some users' boyfriends have poor credit ratings doesn't mean the users do. These technologies could be detrimental to many individuals with little or no bank service provision and make them more vulnerable to the use of other predator schemes such as day loan schemes.

Friendster's Facebook purchased the Friendster patents in 2010. Christopher Lunt, the creator of, now works with, a website that provides resources to help individuals register with healthcare providers.

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