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Banking must face these challenges and adapt to win in the next era. Fast and easy to use and immediately decide great service. Most difficult part was the release of money from my guarantor's account due to bank checks. The quick quote is indicative and serves only as a guide.

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Totally brilliantly, quickly and easily, I would hate to suggest Amigo Loan. Our personnel is very kind and supportive. At Amigo, we are a stress-free business that helps you when you need it most. Pleasant personnel. Simplified on-line trading system. It' s quick and uncomplicated, less than 24 hrs from application to receipt of the payment.

Most difficult part was the release of my guarantor's funds from bank cheques. Yesterday evening at 20:30 am I even got a call from amigo to look for something that would make the earlier payments. Well, I commend her very much. Fast, dependable and in contact! I' ve been using hamigo for the last six years and I'll never upset her.

Fast and simple to use and always so kind.

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So why should you pick us for a short-term loan? Loans Satsuma is part of Provident Personal Credit Limited, which has over 135 years combined client support expertise. All Satsuma loans have been developed with an appreciation of what is important to you when you need quick cashback.

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HSBC's first open bank loan with castlight

Headquartered in Glasgow, Castlight UK, Castlight UK has teamed up with HSBC UK to deliver the bank's first outstanding bank loan. HSBC UK has used Castlight Financial's high-performance categorization technologies tools, CaaS or Catgorisation as a Service, to handle a client's loan following a test and piloting program.

Once the client had safely connected their bank to HSBC UK, the bank used its open bank transfer to retrieve all transaction information. Then HSBC UK executed the client's transaction information using the client's own HSBC solution's proprietary classification engines, which categorized revenues and expenses into 155 different classes and aggregated revenue flows, loan pledges, material expenses and discrete expenses to produce a available earnings figure for each month.

Information was then combined with the solvency information and in less than 10 mins HSBC UK had all the information they needed to make an educated loan application. With CaaS, HSBC UK's UK supervisors have been able to obtain improved information directly from the client's bank accounts, enabling the bank to offer a better and quicker experience to its clients.

Say Martin Leonard, chef de l'exploitation financière de Castlight : "HSBC UK's Open Banking staff recognised early on how the new Open Bank environment can add value to their clientèle. Of course, we are very pleased that our closed-loop credit analysis (CaaS) methodology will help the bank's credit management staff make quick, precise and informed decisions and improve the overall client experiences.

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