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1st Boffa Youth Forum: The goals seem to have been achieved. What?

The Young Leadership for Development of Boffa (LEJEDEV) has just organised its first meeting in its prefecture, a town 150 km from the capital Conakry. The meeting, which took place from 31 August to 01 September 2018 in the prefecture, was held under the motto "Boffa Potentialities and Youth Employability".

About ten members of the government took part in the event, some of whom were locals from Boffa and residents of the prefecture. In addition to the guests from Conakry and other parts of the Boké region, the meeting was a concern of the entire prefecture. Each son contributed in his own way to these useful considerations, which are now included in the brochure on the commitment of Guinean youth, which aims to build an envious Guinea for the rest of the world.

Similarly, this exchange focused on issues aimed at finding possible Boffa development outcomes. The town is very rich because it has fruitful land that can feed the 214,409 inhabitants (census 2014) of which the prefecture of Boffa, which knew for the first time that it was the first white man to set foot in Guinea, is full.

They also discussed the difficulties faced by young people and communities, but also raised young people's awareness so that they can change their behaviour and, above all, avoid conflicts that may arise between young people and authorities, but also with mining companies that are now ten years old.

That is why it was also a matter of questioning the authorities, but also these development partners, in order to face up to this Community, whether we really want to practice, reduce or completely reduce the forced emigration to Europe that many young people, many of whom die there, are now practising. Minister Yéro Baldé of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Mouctar Diallo of Youth Sanoussy Gbantama SOW of Sport, Cultural and Historical Heritage and Public-Private Partnership, Gabriel Curtus, welcomed and appreciated the event and agreed that the ideal is not limited to this first edition, which will make other young Guineans think.

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