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We conduct a credit check to uncover any records of bankruptcy, debt history or financial disputes. property relations Also known as shared ownership, or equitysharing, means that we buy a piece of real estate together. Buy between 50% and 90% of the total amount and we take care of the remainder. After a while you can raise your stake until you own it completely. Will I need a security to buy the house?

There is no security for Co-Own, but you may need one for your homeownership. A few creditors take the co-own instead of a bond, others need one. When you hire a mortgages advisor, he will help you find the right one for you, or you will find below the listing of creditors you can get in touch with, correctly as of September 2018.

There is no down payment required, some creditors will take our portion instead of a down payment, but other creditors may ask you for a down payment. Creditors who offer co-own mortgages: Note that: this listing is in order alphabetically; we do not commend or support any creditor over any other; we cannot give anyone creditor contacts; you should seek your own impartial financing counsel; although this is a listing of all creditors of whom we know who is active in the co-ownership markets, there may be others who are willing to loan for co-ownership, and you may apply to any creditor you wish.

If my Co-Own app is rejected, what can I do? Based on our own assessment of your request, we use Expert to check your creditworthiness and make a credit assessment of your request. Candidates who have previously been rejected may submit an unsolicited candidature only after 3 month from the date on which the unsolicited candidature was reported to them.

Be aware that you will be billed for a new evaluation when you reapply, so make sure you fulfil all the requirements before you submit a new one. If I have saved up, can I send my resume to Co-Own? Yes, any saving over 10,000 will count towards a single payment.

What is the initial amount of the real estate I will own? Co-Own' will buy the rest of the stock. Yes, if you request Co-Own, a credit assessment will be performed by Experian for you.

Is it possible to send an email to Co-Own? One of the following rules must be met for the specified timeframe before you submit an offer to Co-Own: These agreements must also be concluded and are based on your creditworthiness: Please keep in mind that you cannot have a negative credit at the moment of applying for a Co-Own-Appeal.

Is it possible to let my real estate? What are my court fees? There are two things that make up your lawyer's fees - the fees for your lawyer and the amount for expenses. Benefit from our law pack and select a lawyer from our team. The £430 real estate agent charge will include the 350 lawyer's fees together with a 80 real estate appraisal charge.

We will reimburse the lawyer's costs if your listing does not lead to the lawyer's charges, e.g. if the evaluation reveals problems with the real estate you have selected. Once the lawyer has begun working on the case, we give the lawyer what he is entitled to and repay you the balance.

They are also liable for the payment of the expenses and expenses of your lawyer, which you directly to the lawyer paid before the sale can take place. The cost and expenses varies depending on the object and your lawyer will make you an offer once he has seen the coverage. The stamp duty may be due through your attorney at the point of sale and/or at a later date.

Should you decide not to use our legislative packages, you are solely liable for locating your own lawyer, arranging the amount of the fees and pay them directly to the lawyer, together with all its expenses. Does Co-Own need evidence of a person's earnings? To ensure that your enrolment is finalised and processed as quickly as possible, please have the following information (required for both applicants) ready before you begin:

We also need your pay slips for the last 3 month for managing director of companies. Furthermore, we may ask you to do so in the course of your application: Where can I send my job offer? Yes, if you previously had a house (or had your name on the property title), you can still submit an entry if you fulfil our requirements.

Will my job situation be of relevance to my co-owner position? Following kinds of jobs are reasonable and you must be with your present employers for at least the following length of time before applying: Is there any restriction on the kind of real estate I can buy? Approximately how many persons can submit an online job offer?

Please note that we are accepting 2 persons per job offer. Do I get part of my moneys back if I don't buy the real estate? A £430 ownership charge may be partially refunded based on how far the claim has been dealt with. In the event that your claim is withdrawn or rejected, a reimbursement may be due as follows: If no assessment has been carried out, a £395 reimbursement will be due. If an assessment has been carried out but no work has been commissioned, a £350 reimbursement will be due.

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