Visa Payment

Payment of visa

Visas Checkout is the easiest way to pay online. Find out how Visa Checkout works and what its benefits are. Visas apologised for a service interruption which prevented many companies from using their cards for payments in the UK and Europe.

Visas says that credit cards will return to normality.

The Visa service has normalized again, after a malfunction of the computer equipment, the Europeans were not able to make some payment. On Saturday mornings, the firm issued a declaration stating that its equipment is now operating at "full capacity". Visas apologized and said that the Friday breakdown was not due to "unauthorized use or a computer attack".

Clients have said that funds from banks are wasted when their card is rejected - among them a man who was losing 10,000 pounds when he paid for a vehicle. Kent's Tom Mitchell said the cash had abandoned his NatWest deposit, but his local banks said it was up to Visa to close the deal - instead his cash was put in "limbo".

"so there' s a little concern... and I didn't hear anything today." Payment through Visa's system accounts for £1 in £3 of all UK expenditure. Buyers were waiting in line, restaurants were put on the spot, and a deputy even ran away from a gas pump without payment because the problem on Friday concerned Visa Europe's system.

"And we said there was a lot of cash in it" and couldn't comprehend it. So I went outside, looked at my credit and the credit had actually decreased by the amount I should have paid." Sarah Brown, from London, had refused her ticket three and a half time when she bought a 358 pound coat and now has three outstanding deals on her HSBC bankroll - a total of £1,074.

Now the 47-year-old has to go back into business and go through the transaction, which in her opinion is a "massive inconvenience". Jay Curtis, from Swansea, had two tickets rejected at B&Q when he tried to buy £240 worth of goods. Visas said on Friday that the system was "almost normal" five working days after public recognition of the issue.

Al Kelly, the company's CEO, apologized for the difficulties created by the malfunction. "It is our aim to make sure that all Visa payment is reliable 24x7 and 365x7," he said. "Today, we are far behind that target and apologize to all our affiliates and visa accountholders for the discomfort this may have caused."

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