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Interim open and close financing Up to 75% LTV can be obtained for a first fee and up to 65% LTV for a second fee, according to the type and site of the property/plant provided as collateral. For how long can I have a bridging loan? Usually up to 12 month, but under certain conditions you can prolong up to 18 or even 24 month, although interest on these longer loans must be paid regularly.

Is it possible to get a bridging loan for an unpledged real estate? Bridging Finance is just the thing for this. If I have a negative loan, can I get a bridging loan? Low interest rate applies to loans with a low LTV, a property/asset that can be sold if foreclosed, a large debtor and a clear opt-out.

How high are the charges for arranging a mortgage? When you decide to use us for your financing, you will normally be billed a 1% surcharge. In addition, a creditor charge (usually 2%) may be payable and it is common in this industry for the debtor to pay the lender's rights and appraisal charges.

What should I do to hire a bridging loan intermediary? All of this you can do yourself, but with 80+ creditors out there, we can get you to the best course faster and also make sure you borrow from a serious, incumbent creditor. It will also take you through the recruitment procedure and make sure that your claim is presented to the creditor in such a way that it is most likely to be approved at the minimum level.

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Brief financing to support private persons and enterprises (limited enterprises, LLP, etc.) in the acquisition or refinancing of various asset categories. Collateral is provided for all liabilities and the credit is flexibly arranged to suit the needs of the borrowers. Sample loan: For example 1.4m to a person as interim financing to buy a new house before the sale of their current house.

For example, 3,400,000 for a hotelier who wanted to buy an SPA in addition to his own property but had difficulty obtaining funding from his own institution due to his old age and lack of interest in a renovation project. For example 4£2m for an businessman who had to revalue his current shop. The'upgrades' of the office space resulted in further profit.

Reimbursement through a mixture of sale of assets and refinancing. An example of 52.5 million for an owner wishing to restructure and get ready for an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. As the company had very complicated conditions, the individuals could not obtain early enough funds from their banks.

An annual credit, because he will be able to finance with his own savings after the reorganization.

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