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Consolidation of liabilities Services

Consolidation services Recently published in the UK, the Government Minutes on Individual Debt Managing Plan are aimed not only at ensuring that debt consolidation firms operating in the sector comply with the OFT (Office of Fair Trade ) guidelines for debt managing, but above all at ensuring that the UK endangered consumers receive the best possible consultation and services at the most competetive costs or prices. Under the new debt managment record, customers' original debt managment payment for a debt managment scheme must not be withheld by the debt consolidation services or debt managment companies they have chosen, but must in fact be immediately distributed to the lenders, and any original setup charge calculated is also required to be deducted from no less than the customer's first 6 months' contribution.

Whilst this is intended to accelerate the reduction of the customer's debt, it is also conditional on the customer's relevant lenders complying with the interest and charge protocols currently in force on the consumer's account, if any. Restraint of early payment practices have generally been used by the debt consolidation sector to recover the domestic administration cost of establishing a customer debt payment schedule.

The groundbreaking, web-based, consumer-centric, self-managed debt resolution platform will provide a high-efficiency and cost-effective choice that will drastically cut, if not eliminates, the early operational administration expenses associated with today's fee-based debt collection schemes in the UK. The use of face-to-face debt consolidation and debt control accounting is expected to be calculated at approximately one third of actual recurring fees per month versus the currently available mean debt control charge schedule using traditional debt consolidation services or debt control entities.

Our on-line resources offer conformal best advices to the consumers regarding the various available debt and debt consolidation and debt capital consolidation tools. Once a registered member has registered, he or she will be asked to fill in a basic form in which he or she will describe his or her situation, both personally and financially. The system translates this information in a dynamic manner to help users understand the debt or consolidation of debts methods available to them.

Confronted with possibly more than one debt consolidation option to select from, the users will be able to obtain on-line debt advisory via the system knowledgebase. If necessary, however, a face-to-face and coherent consultation by e-mail and phone is available to support a potential customer in his ultimate choice.

Once the debt manager or debt consolidation solutions required have been selected, the end users can create their own on-line files containing their annual accounts and data on the basis of the information provided in the first survey. Your record will also contain all of the creditors' and originals' relevant correspondence so that they can enable their own debt managment or debt consolidation solutions.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your finances and need the help and guidance of a qualified debt counsellor, please call our debt hotline in complete trust; phone enquiries are usually FREE from a UK landline.

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