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The Getting Personal is the leading online gift shop for personalized gifts and cards. Collect money with Getting Personal by shopping online and collecting donations for your causes or charities. Personalized Presents - Quick Deliveries in United Kingdom Turn it into a memorable experience with a present or personalized greeting cards. Featuring over 5,000 unique design choices, purchasing your present has never been so easy. Instant personalization, easy surfing, live preview, secure shopping and fast delivery.

The ability to include the recipient's name or a personal note in a present means that it was specifically designed for that individual and is like no other present that someone else could give them.

In addition, for every opportunity you need to buy a present for, we have an astonishing selection of personalized maps to select from so you can sort everything at once with just a few mouse clicks. What is more, you can also find a wide variety of personalized maps to suit your needs. Convince yourself and take a look at our fabulous assortment of gifts and postcards now.....

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At the same that I ordered a personalized sound image for my husband's upcoming 60-year anniversary, I ordered personalized pens for my 5-year-old niece who went to college on Monday, August 20. Image came on August 10, but the pens (which came from another supplier).

Hint was that the pens would be with me earlier than they were, but for whatever reasons, they were sent last Thursday. Although it was not perfect to get the pens later when I needed them, I had no qualms (or so I thought) that they would arrive on a Saturday.

It'?s an officebuilding with five shops, none of which work on a Saturday. Whatever the hair-raising reasons, Swiss Post claims it tried to deliver on Saturday, and because there was no company name on the order, they gave the pens back to Getting Personal instead of trying to push a ticket through the front ( which is simple enough).

First of all, I know that my Paypal account always uses my company name without the company name, so it seems to have priority. I' ve never had any problems with goods that are supplied because there is no company name. Secondly, I don't think one of the companies in my bloc gets the post on a Saturday.

So I was informed that since it was a system of input usinguzzers, they couldn't try all the different ones to find out which of the 5 places I worked. Had they tried, I would have doubted they would have received an reply from one of the agencies on a Saturday, but if they had tried on Monday, they would have been fortunate.

When the company name is so important, maybe you should start investing in better zip code search engine for your website. The majority of them offer the company titles mentioned on the real estate and you click on the corresponding one. At first they said that they could not ensure that it would be shipped on a weekday, then that was modified to if you call today and paid the ransom, it will take 2-3 workdays.

Took another 2 week to get the pens, but they are nice and come in a small personalized carton.

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