High Risk Credit Card Processing

Processing high risk credit cards

1. Building and maintaining a secure environment If you are starting a small or large company, it is important to have an IT professional when building a small or large sized IT infrastructure to store and manage your client information. In the absence of a firewall, an undesirable phone site can appear on the screen asking staff and clients to enter information.

Alpha-numeric algorithms must be used to prevent hacking of algorithms. Following the completion of e-commerce operations, all hard copies must be backed up and recorded. In case the operation is carried out by hand, all customer data, codes and details must also be kept in a secure place. As part of this procedure, you are protecting the cardholder's information.

These important dates are important for a possible inquiry into the infringement of client information. Therefore, the third-party vendor and IT professional must track employee actions to track breaches. The aim is to give staff the right expectation that a client information infringement or transfer to other unauthorized parties is a serious infringement.

High-risk dealer account | High-risk credit card processing Services

Any category not included in the high-risk and banned lists below is deemed low-risk. High-risk retailers resell goods or render certain financial service activities that increase the risk of credit card fraud upon acceptance of payment by making unreasonable reversals or having prolonged settlement and lead time.

All EU high risk traders can bet on the same EU banking institution, i.e. all charges and conditions are the same except for the higher minimum interest rates (from 1.95%), the withdrawal period may be 7 extra day and at High Risk MCC (Merchant Category Code) such as Adult and Gaming the banking institution will levy a High Risk MCC subscription commission of 950 EUR per year.

Banned merchant are non-qualified sectors that are partly due to the ban of credit card companies, illegally or probably illegally, fraudulently or with high risk of overbooking, or where past practice has resulted in high loss or high chargeback.

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