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Order of precedence: Valuable airlines, hotels, and credit cards....

Fellows should just not let fellows go through their lives without deserving free touring. On the same flights or the same hotel you can earn 200,000 points with one model or only 40,000 points with another model. Main benefits: 1:1 airport to airport airport payments to over 35 carriers, with 5,000 points credited for a 20,000 point transaction. 1:3 Transferverhältnis in Marriott points, offers five-star hotel for only 10,000 SPG points and more.

The best points to activate uncommon FFPs with the best fares on First Classic services, such as 40,000 points for 12-hour Lufthansa First Classic. Luckily, the point transfer to profitable airlines will stay the same, but if that changes, the value of the points could soar.

Transmitting points to Hyatt can earn $750 per overnight for 25,000 points. The value is also very high for the Korean Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore, KLM Flying Blue and British Airways Avios transfers. The ability to use points for each trip or hotel at a rate of at least 1.25 cent per point for Chase Sapphire Cardholder and 1.5 cent per point for Sapphire Reserve Cardholder is also a great option.

Over the past few years, Chase has added new players and seems to only increase the value of its Ultimate Rewards Points. At Amex, we offer point transfers to some airlines, which few others do, such as ANA. At ANA we offer unbelievable value on many of the best long-haul point based services, and Emirates provides, although not inexpensive, the simplest way to fly the carrier in First or Business-class with points.

The Amex points have the added value of being even more rewarding than one of the few programmes that offers the casual "transfer bonus" where points are converted at a higher rate than before. Deserving partners: Collect Alaska mileage from British Airways, Emirates, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Alaska, Air France, and more.

There are two additional advantages to Alaska: spacious route policies and free stops. Travelling to India via Tokyo will cost the same amount of mileage as travelling only via Tokyo. The use of Alaska Meilen for First or Businessclass ( at exceptional prices ) with Qantas, Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines is unbeatable.

An Alaska agent may not always see the same level of flight available for some routes as other airline companies. Deserving partners: JAL mileage can be earned on practically all OneWorld services as well as from unique affiliates such as Air France, Alaska and Emirates. In the USA, you can now collect JAL points with Barclay's Arrival Premier credit cards.

The JAL flight with dots is provided via a distance-based graph. Doesn't really make any difference where you're going, how many leagues there are. They also offer unbelievably spacious stop-over regulations that allow you to make long journeys for a small number of mileage points while making a stop at any point of your choice.

With Emirates First Class from Asia or JAL, Cathay, Qatar and Qantas flying around the globe, we adore your points. ANA Mileage Club, to be honest, provides almost the same value if you are a Star Alliance member. Deserving partners: Korean Airlines allows you to collect SkyPass points for travel on practically all SkyTeam carriers as well as Alaska, giving you a strong collection area.

Korea offer amazing prices for trips between the USA and Europe and very cheap prices for first rate trips to Asia. There are some flight bookings that cannot be made on-line and some Korean has stupid bookings policy for making arrangements with your friend and relatives using points. In the near term, we do not expect any depreciation, as they just collected points.

Deserving partners: Currently you can collect points for all your hotel and marriott stops at Starswood. You can also use Starwood's credit cards and airlines to collect hotel points as you travel. Common members receive 2 SPG points for every dollars they spend in a hotel. Members of the top flight earns up to 5 points per dollars they spend.

There are many great properties in starwood with 12,000 points and more. At 35,000 points, the highest hotel can often be sold for over $700 per overnight, making it an outstanding value for money. Yet most individuals choose to use their SPG points for airport transfer to earn hard-to-reach reward programmes with great point redemption opportunities.

Whilst we believe that the programme will still be rewarding loyaltyists in the best possible way, there is insecurity about the prospects of airport transfer and the possibility of making a lot of points by the transfer between Marriott and Starwood will no doubt disappear. Deserving partners: The Hyatt brand provides 5 points for every dollars spend on its branded products, which, coupled with the low point redemption tariffs, is one of the most lavish hotel programs.

Hyatt points can be earned on all Hyatt hotel nights by using the Hyatt credit cards and redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards points. Main Advantages: Hyatt's best hotel is 30,000 points per nights, but many 20,000 and 25,000 points real estate offers a great value. Andaz Tokyo, Park Hyatt Saigon, and other places further away can help you cut your vacation costs by saving tens of millions.

World of Hyatt programme shake-ups already seem to have fallen. Indeed, the only recent changes were those of a favorable nature when Hyatt reported that all visits were now counted toward annual élite states. Deserving partners: Wyndham points can be earned for every 10 dollars you spend in a hotel.

From high-end earning choices to cost-efficient hotel accommodation, Wyndham has a wide range of hotel choices. Wyndham Rewards credit cards are also available. In Wyndham you will find really beautiful holiday homes and urban resorts. That makes the programme immediately one of the simplest and most profitable to make a free nights sleep.

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