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Check the research: Must have a certain amount of money to buy a London apartment with a mortgage Real estate values in the UK are probably out of hand. As more and more Britons struggle to buy a house nationwide, the scarcity of supplies has caused a serious shortage of homes and therefore raised prices to register higher house numbers. Depressing, recent research by Gocompare comparative website. just uncovered that first-time customers need a minimal monthly wage of 140,000 ($213,047) to even get on the scales.

Yes, that's right - that's four times the mean monthly salaries in the fund of only £30,338. Walk compare considered min firsttime buyers must acquire to get a mortgage basing on a 90% mortgage with a 4 Standard. Compare the net wage calculator used and the British wage calculator to get an estimation of the year' s pay.

Londoners who buy a row home for the first purpose would have to pay a total of 142,000 pounds a year to get on the stairs. The purchase of a freestanding real estate in the capitol as a new owners seems also totally unthinkable, if the numbers of Go Compare are something you can orientate yourself on - the budget would have to make enormous £275.000.

Overall, Go Compare's study said that for the first of its kind purchasers will need an £50,000 median floor rate to buy a home in the UK at the country's £184,682 median home rate. However, it is not only in London that there are apparently priceless apartments - in 51 of the 65 towns examined in this study, the mean wage is below the level necessary to buy a home.

Oxford, Brighton, Edinburgh and Bristol are the most expensive towns after London in the UK. However Blackburn, Rumpf, Blackpool, Grimsby and Stoke-on-Trent are the least expensive places to buy real estate because a £15,000 wage is enough to buy an apartment. According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK market is £284,000 ($431,874) on a property, on an average.

London is the hardest thing. Mean purchase prices for a London home are now £522,000 ($793,849). No wonder why the London house purchase threshold is so high, because with a 10% margin, then tax stamps, and the ability to resist the Bank of England's credit-income test, it means homes need to be superfinancially solvent.

BuE's stresstest makes banks lending only to buyers who are able to endure a surge in interest Rates and that the mortgage needed was no more than 4. 5 x the salaries. The Royal Institution of Chartered Survey said this October in its October edition of the Royal Institution of Chartered Survey (RICS) that UK housing costs are likely to grow by 4.5% per year over the next five years (a combined growth of around 25%).

RICS' head of economics said that real estate is becoming more and more "unaffordable" during this period. So, it looks like if you are a first-time buyer looking to get on the Property Ladder, it may be worth doing it as soon as possible because prices are not going to go down anyways soon.

To see exactly where the cheapest place to buy a home in the UK is, take a look at this table:

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