Pre Qualify for Mortgage

Prerequisite for the mortgage

Remember that the amount you can afford may be less than the amount the bank is willing to lend you. A dossier number will be given to confirm the successful receipt of your information. It' one of the biggest steps you'll ever take in your life.

Obtaining pre-qualification for a mortgage

Don't wonder how much you can afford on spending on a real estate asset. Budgeting and defining a way that gives you room for maneuver is an important part of your relocation strategy. Except if you're fortunate enough not to need a mortgage, you really need to get together with someone near you and put some kind of structural framework into your finance.

The principle of French mortgage approval

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qualify for a mortgage

When you probably need a mortgage to buy your real estate in Tenerife, then it is a good moment to think about it before you actually begin your real estate quest. Getting a mortgage quote in your hands before you begin your quest will give you an absolute clear picture of your budgeting before you begin, and will mean that you can make a serious bid for a home as soon as you see it, without having to wait valuable extra day for approval of a mortgage, and possibly lose the home to another purchaser.

Prequalifying for a mortgage is a straightforward procedure. You can do it before you go to Tenerife and it is a free of charge shuttle that we offer. Complete the mortgages application on-line by following the mortgage application below. During peak times, the requalification procedure can take up to ten working day, so it is best to mail it to us a few week before your itinerary.

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