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Configure CCBill to accept credit and debit card payments for your Pay Per View media. Set up CCBill Link your CCBill accounts as a gateway to our Pay Per Vista system and use it as your pay processing agent to receive credit and debit cards from your customers. To see some Pay Per View demos and additional information, please go to our Pay Periew information page. In order to activate CCBill as Pay Per View Gateway, you must go to the register page at ??


Under Setup you will find the Pay-Per-View option ?. To extend the subsections, click and choose the Payment Gateways page, which displays the available payment gateways in the middle row. In the middle row, click on the CCBill Gateway. The CCBill Setup Panel is opened on the right side.

Allows you to modify the standard name of CCBill to something else. Bank number: Bank account number: Please insert your bank details to log in to your CCBillccount. Subaccount number: Specify the four-digit number of the subaccount you opened in CCBill. Name of the form: Type the name of the template you made in CCBill.

It should end with "cc" payment method. See below for directions. Subaccount No. 2: Name of the application no. 2: Here you have to type in your CCBill Salt Key, which you get from 3.4 in the following manual. Activate ? payment gateway: If you click on the slide bar and set it to the On location, the Payment Gateway can be used for your Pay Per View video.

Display ? payment instruction page: Creating a subaccount:

Under " Subscription Pricing Order " please enter 3 US$ as your preferred payment method, contact Customer Support and ask for activation of the following items: Navigate to Account Info > Sub Account Admin and browse to the sub account you just set up to modify it. Click Submit New Application and Submit the new application with the Credit Cards Settlement Method options.

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