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Experian will be notified every month and your credit rating will increase. Connect with thousands of tenants who are saving money and increasing their credit rating. Loan information, credit check & Free credit rating. Verify your credit report and your free credit rating from Experian UK.

Experian acquires Experian's copy of ClearScore Fintech Chat

A further start-up company purchased by a dubious company. From the very first days at ClearScore, our mission has been to help everyone, regardless of their circumstance, become more financially comfortable. We' re unbelievably proud that in just three years we have already assisted over six million individuals to get their credit and report for free, forever in the UK.

Today we have already indicated that we plan to acquire Experian. Most of you will know Experian because they are the world's largest credit information group. ClearScore focuses on you, our users, and that won't happen. You' ll always be able to view and evaluate your credit report for free, forever with ClearScore.

Continuing to be innovative and focused on giving you the expertise you need to make better business choices and make the selection procedure for your finance product much swifter, lighter and more simple. Under the ClearScore umbrella, we will remain active. And I believe this takeover will enable us to accelerate our growth and create thrilling new innovation that will bring better value for money to you, our existing customers, in the UK and South Africa and hopefully billions more around the globe.

Managing Director, Experian UK&I & EMEA, Charles Butterworth, agrees with us that together we can do so much more: Thanks for your help with ClearScore, we are unbelievably thankful for your continuing use of our services - you make our work worth your while.

Australia is struggling to cut its debts as the costs of live continue to soar.

Eighty eighty percent of Australians say that daily spending, rental or mortgages repayment, food and invoices are the most frequent obstacles to repaying debts, according to a new study by Experian, the world' s leading information provider. April 9, 2015, Sydney, Australia - Eighty percent of Australians say that daily spending, rental or loan repayment, food and billings are the most frequent obstacles to repaying debts, according to new research by Experian, the world' s leading information service group.

Expert research also showed that 65 percent of Australians mistakenly believe that a contribution to retirement or savings can have a beneficial effect on their creditworthiness. Experian's Andy Sheehan, MD of Credit Services, said the numbers reveal not only a lack of information when it comes to understand creditworthiness, but also the difficulties Australians face in repaying debts as the costs of their lives continue to soar1.

"Now more than ever, Australia is dependent on credit. Recently, the Australia Securities and Investments Commission found that Australia's credit cards averaged more than 30 percent more credit in 2014 than in the previous year," he said. "While we know that the most efficient way to administer credit cards debts is to repay them in full every single months, we also know that many of us are unable to administer our debts in this as well2.

Research indicates that about 19 percent of Australians make minimal repayments on their credit cards and five percent of these choose to put additional money into saving instead of repaying their debts. "The way we handle debts has a big influence on our lives.

Whilst savings are important, it is also important to make repaying your debts one of your priorities," Sheehan said. No wonder one in three Australians who took part in the poll (33 per cent) said they were worried about their capacity to borrow and administer loans, and the study said their misgivings werefounded.

Mr Sheehan said that there is a significant dearth of awareness among customers about the behaviour that affects credibility, especially when it comes to saving and retirement. "Australia's too preoccupied to care about their creditworthiness. Research shows that Australiaians are appallingly wrong when it comes to credit reporting. Across the world, the ability of credit profiles to be managed, credit reputations to be managed and credit ratings to be used by customers to get a better offer is increasing.

For this to become the rule here, Australians need to be better educated and more credit-worthy," Sheehan said. Research shows that only 23 percent of Australians actually know what creditworthiness is and how it is used by creditors to lend money.

He said that extensive credit reports were a move in the right directions as they would help motivate individuals to become more conscious of their position in the credit environment. "Extensive credit reports are good consumer information. Credit information system does not take good credit behavior into consideration. Australia ans deserves to be recognized for good corporate finance practices, and this should be mirrored in our credit reports to facilitate better business," Sheehan said.

They should also be conscious of the fact that they can always get free credit information from Experian. It' a good suggestion for them to do this to avoid ID fraud and verify the exactness of their credit histories. Customers who wish to obtain a copy of their free credit report and score can do so on the Experian Credit Services website at http://www.experian.com.au/credit-services/credit-services. html or call Experian Credit Services at 1300 783 684 for general credit inquiries.

The Experian research firm Pure Profile conducted an on-line research on Australian credit report comprehension, creditworthiness and comprehensive credit report comprehension. Experian: We are the premier information service provider that provides our customers around the globe with information and analysis solutions. Our mission is to help companies reduce credit risks, reduce credit scams, leverage market offerings, and help companies make more informed decisions.

It also helps individuals verify their credit report and credit value and protects them from ID thieves.

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