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The MacBook 2018 Disassembly Kit shows that it's simpler to repair than earlier MacBooks.

Apple's equipment is known to be hard to open and repair, often leading to costly travel to a local Apple shop to repair or replace your damaged MacBook or iPhone, but it seems that the new MacBook Air 2018 is simpler to repair than earlier MacBooks. The iFixit repair specialists have disassembled the new MacBook Air, and although it still has some of the features we're used to from Apple that prevent simple parts exchange in its equipment, such as a glued-on rechargeable cell, there are some features, such as a touch ID module, that make it much simpler to repair MacBook Air 2018.

That doesn't mean you can open MacBook Air 2018 yourself and insert or extract parts, but it seems like a move in the right direction. What you' re seeing is a little bit of a change in the way you look at it. First iFixit took a look at the keypad, and as anticipated it's essentially the same as that of the new MacBook Pro.

iFixit' team then opened the MacBook Air 2018 bodyshell. When MacBook Air is open, there's a clear (but compact) selection of component choices, such as a small logical circuitry, a cooling fan, loudspeakers (which we found to be one of the major features of the new MacBook Air in our test), and a cooler-like heatsink.

When iFixit further explored MacBook Air, the staff found that the two Thunderbolt 3 connectors are built modularly - a repair-friendly style that means the connectors can be changed quickly if they become defective. Also the Touch-ID sensors have a module construction so that they can be exchanged without having to turn off the entire logical circuitry.

iFixit' staff also noted that the new MacBook Air batteries are bonded to the case, but MacRumors reported that Apple will provide Apple authorized service providers with Apple quality tooling to help Apple change the batteries without replacing the case. That makes it a simpler, cheaper fix that also benefits the enviroment.

Although these enhancements to the repair capability are welcome, it's not just good tidings to report, because iFixit has given the MacBook Air 2018 a low 3 out of 10 repair capability rating. "The Air still uses remote pentobes to keep you away, requiring a lot of de-componenting for commonly used corrections, and both memory and random access are brazed to the logical board," concluded iFixit.

Although MacBook Air 2018 is more reparable than earlier MacBooks, we're still a long way from do-it-yourselfers being able to open and repair their own Apple appliances. Hopefully, Apple will continue to enhance the serviceability of its product in the near term.

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