and my mortgages experts, mortgages brokers in Northampton. We charge a £295 flat rate charge for our mortgages. At the request of a mortgagor, the charge is due to the creditor. "YOU KNOW A GRANT IS A CREDIT THAT' S BACKED AGAINST YOUR HOUSE. THEIR HOUSE MAY BE RECOGNISED IF YOU DO NOT MAKE THE REFUNDS OF YOUR MORTGAGES OR OTHER DEBTS BACKED BY THEM.


The company TenetLime Ltd is registered in the Financial Services Register ( under number 311266.

Are you approaching the end of your mortgages?

When you are nearing the end of your life or remembering to cash it out early, you may have a few issues. Do you come to the end of your mortgages? As soon as you are near the end of your loan period, we will mail you a repayment slip. It will show what you have to owe to get your account(s) closed.

As soon as you have made your definitive mortgages repayment, along with all charges to complete your account(s) (if applicable), it is. Information on the most frequent charges to be paid when your mortgages are closed can be found in our mortgages rates. Would you like to repay your mortgages early? When you are in a condition to do so, you can redeem your loan portfolio early.

They can do this at any given moment, but it is important to remember that you also have to cover all applicable and prepayment costs. Please see our rate of mortgages for further information. But before you decide to repay your mortgages early, it's a good idea to think about your broader financial situation first.

Remember, if you are unable to repay your entire loan, you can still make overpayments to help cut your pending account number. When you are prepared to repay your hypothec early, you must submit a repayment declaration. You must obtain a repayment slip before you can repay your loan prematurely.

It shows your pending account balances and any applicable closing and maintenance costs. When you come to the end of your mortgages period, you don't have to do anything. A withdrawal extract for you will be placed in the mailbox. That means that once you have fully repaid your mortgages, all we have to do is collect our fee from the land registry.

Once we keep certificates, we ship them out as soon as the mortgages are fully disbursed. If lawyers have been involved in the repayment, we will forward the documents to your postal adress ( unless otherwise stated). When you pay out your mortgages without hiring a lawyer, you must fill out and submit to us a release form for title documents.

You will receive a copy of this document with your refund receipt. As soon as you have received a refund receipt and know the amount you will need to complete the closing of your trading area, you can make a deposit on-line. You will find the information about our banking accounts on the repayment slip that we will be sending you.

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