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Complete your data for a non-binding debt consolidation consultation. - What is debt consolidation? - Is debt consolidation the right thing for you? There are no debt problems that cannot be solved. Nobody ever wants to get into debt.

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Depending on creditworthiness, the amount of the real amount of the loans a client is entitled to may differ. AvantCredit is a trade name of AvantCredit of UK, LLC. The Liberty House, 222 Regent Street. The company reference number is 727347. The authorisation can be found in the Financial Services Register at

ZA001503 is our registry number.


Debenture management is a way to repay your debt to your lenders through an agreeable and reasonable monetary amount. As soon as a reasonable settlement is made, she will arrange your new settlement on your name. To learn more about Debt Management, please click here.....

As a rule, the insolvency takes 1 year, and as soon as you have been exempted (dismissed) from your insolvency, you are exempted from your debt (with some exceptions). For more information about insolvency or to find out how to prevent it, click here..... At McCambridge Duffy we have a number of ways to help those who are self-employed and struggle with debt.

For more information about the independent solutions we provide, please click here..... Debt relief is a scheme developed for those who have debt of no more than 20,000 and very few property values (no more than 1,000 pounds). A debt relief order allows you to use a car up to a value of £1,000.

For more information about debt relief, click here..... The administrative decision applies to debt of less than £5,000. To learn more about administration jobs, click here........ This allows you to tackle your debt problems lawfully through debt repayment usually over a 3 year term.

When the trust instrument ends, the residual debt is legally depreciated. To learn more about trust agreements, please click here......... Could we help you with your debt issues? The customer struggled with £560 a month in debt repayment to several lenders.

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