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Best-of-breed commercial lenders

Commercial loans and financing can seem frightening to most people. We at Begbies Traynor can advise you on the best alternative financing options for your business. Thinking of corporate finance The financial technology is at the leading edge of what we do. Let your dedicated credit manager get the job done and help you evaluate all available credit lines, answer your queries and complete all formalities on your own account. In this way you can concentrate on the management of your company.

We are different from other brokerage firms because our way of doing things makes sure we know the realities of your company and its needs.

It is not just a matter of sending you to lenders to defend yourself, we make sure that you always get the best offer and the right kind of financing. Let the creditor work for you. If you have any questions, our EZV-regulated Expert Lending Manager are always available to help you and provide advice on the best lending solutions for your company.

100% unbiased and proud of a kind, meticulous process that ensures that lenders work for you and not the other way round (which spares you bouncing through the normal tyres).

If your company is denied financing or loans, your choices.

Rejecting financing or taking out a loan from your local financial institution is no longer a rarity. Since the 2007 recession, conventional financial services have become increasingly risk-averse, and the search for financing continues to be a demanding business venture for many managers. A major problem is that bankers rarely examine a company's commercial histories - they just use an automatic loan approval procedure relying on your company's loan value.

Alternatively, you could engage a reputable brokers who could potentially focus on a number of previously ill-considered credit opportunities and open up the entire mortgage brokerage business, rather than concentrating on one or two preferred banks. Traynor B├ębies can provide you with advice on the best financing alternatives for your business.

Our experts are specialized in commercial and private banking. Your firm, which is not normally linked to major incumbents, could profit in various ways from crowdfunding financing and gain financial resources. The intrinsic value of an economic good is used to safeguard financing. Your assets are provided as collateral and would be sells to settle the debts should your corporation become overdue.

These assets may be a machine, a car or even the debt in your accounts receivable book. In this particular kind of asset-based credit business, your accounts receivable book is sold to a debt recovery firm that manages the collections of funds and the general management of these receivables. You would be given a percent of the debt you owe - usually around 85% - which would result in a high level of money injections every month.

When the turnover increases, so does the amount of money of the factory-firm. In the same way that home owners free capital in their ownership when the business own its facilities and there is capital in the ownership, you could also free up some much needed hard cash generally between 50% and 70%, according to the lenders and your business conditions.

Corporate intelectual ownership, such as brands or copyright, can be used to get a " loan " from the retirement age. As an alternative, a commercial loan can also be available, which is paid back to the guesthouse with interest. Your customer book is used as the base for the granting of credit in a similar way to Invoicing.

Sum of outstanding bills determines how much you can lend, with a usually set percent provided by the financing group. Your business then retains full management of the accounts receivable book and liaises with your clients as usual during the debt recovery procedure. With Begbies Traynor you get expert guidance on the best choices for your business.

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