Disney Credit Card

The Disney Credit Card

The question is: Can I present a photocopy of the card, or does Disney only accept the "plastic"? Find out if you can use more than one credit card when making a transaction on disneyworld.com. Evening, dear friends, does anyone know if there is a way for a UK resident to get a Disney credit card? Reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card.

Presentation of the real credit card on Magic Kingdom - Orlando Forum

While I don't know it for 100% yes, I think you need the real card to confirm that you didn't buy the cards deceptively with this card. It is a way of verifying that you are who you say you are, that you are and that you were the one who actually bought the fare.

It is not necessary to have the card "at the gate" if you are spending the night in a WDW residence. In this case, your ticket should be bound to your My Disney Experience bankroll. It is necessary to create an affiliate bankroll and still bind the ticket (s) you bought to this affiliate bankroll to receive your choice of fast pass+ before your arrival (30 day in advance if you are not a WDW resident; 60 day in advance if you are).

Have you purchased your seats directly from Disney or another provider? Have you got coupons or just an e-mail confirmation about the sale? Otherwise, you must change the coupons or e-mail reception at a visitor service or ticketing desk before entering the park gates.

This can be done at the Disney Springs Visitor Service before you ever go to a parking, and then your father can be with you when you do. Wouldn't have waited until your first morning in the parking lot to stop at the checkouts and make the swap.

An Xerox of a credit card is just a slice of hardware. Disney won't take it as ID or money. Can your dad put you in the bank and get you the card as an extra card holder? When you have coupons, you can redeem them with your dad or a card in your name at a Disney hostel or Disney Springs.

You can make your Fastpass reservation as long as you have your My Disney Experience bank card and 12-digit number. Seriously, I question whether they'd take a copy at the gates. The place where you find your responses, however, is by speaking to Disney or emailing Disney, not a pile of outsiders in an online bulletin board.

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