International Business Credit Reports

Financial reports on international business loans

" Le meilleur service de crédit au monde". The Credit Info Company and Credit Report Service for information on Romanian companies. You want to expand your business or order cheaper parts and services from mainland Europe, but you're not sure what kind of business you're dealing with?

Credit reports of international companies

Loan reports are generated for you after your order, you are alerted by e-mail when you are done, and a links page is provided for downloading. Shipment turnaround - Normally within 10 business day, Express within 5 business day, Urgent usually 1 to 3 business day. The reports generally include: The creditworthiness is usually determined from the following factors:

The reports are the results of face-to-face contacts, interviews and research in combination with accessing formal resources. Complete Review of Operations - is a corporate review together with complete information about the business, the statement of income, the statement of comprehensive income, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of changes in equity, the statement of cash flows, key figures and a credit review.

Credit reports and finance profiles are reports that contain a check list to help you gain an understanding of a company's overall economic soundness.

Policy risk insurance, structured credit and commercial credit insurance

Global trading and capital expenditure riskmanagement. Our company is a leader in the development of insurances that help bankers, dealers, multinationals and credit brokers with their international trading and investing venture capital strategy. When your company is committed to securing new businesses, the challenges of non-payment and default could be high.

In addition, sovereign threats such as dispossession and violent politics can have a significant effect on the return on investment. With our expertise and high standards of customer care, we are able to act on some of the world's biggest companies' names in their industries. Credit and policyholders' indemnity insurances have experienced strong growth since the onset of the global economic downturn.

With our expertise, you get the edge you need to enter this industry. We' ll show you how you can use it to minimize strategic exposure, act with determination, regulate, open up new marketplaces and win additional shares. Our firm works on client assignments to provide credit and policy cover adapted to their needs.

Headquartered in London, we have office locations in eight jurisdictions around the globe whose counterparts deal with the delivery of transaction loans and policy-risk solutions. This enables us to fully appreciate the complexity of the markets and offer first-class implementation service. In addition to professional insurers, our teams consist of people with background in the areas of banks, treasuries, export financings, leveraged financings, analytical analysis and riskmanagement.

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