Quicken Loans Approval

Loan Quicken Approval

There are no more TicketMaster or hard copy cards in your quality? New Vertix ticketing company. CLEVELAND, OH - July 20, 2009 - Veritix, the leading supplier of online ticket and relationship management solutions to the sporting and consumer electronics industries, will be the premier source of tickets for Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters for pre- and post-ticket sale from October 1, 2009.

Veritix's proprietary Flash Seats incorporates the proprietary Flash Seats technologies, introduced by the Cavaliers in 2006 as an exclusively season-ticket-price advantage, for all arenas functions ranging from concert, promotions and shows to the Lake Eries monsters. SeatsĀ® will offer a vibrant ticketing solution for dual marketplace applications in a managed, secured and brand-driven world.

Veritix not only offers great value to supporters attending The Q, but Veritix apps will give Cavaliers, Monsters and Quicken Loans Arena events marketers and retail businesses crews the agility to develop the most vibrant online ticket, events marketer, promotions and relationships manager application available. Furthermore, important sponsoring partners and brands open the door to new revenue-generating freedoms.

From October 1, Veritix electronic ticket vendors will buy Quicken Loans Arena electronic ticket vouchers for all Quicken Loans arena activities on-line, at retailers and special newsstands, and at the Quicken Loans arena checkout. Supporters who have already bought concert and stadium event ticket after 1 October can continue to use their existing ticket.

Veritix: Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Veritix provides the most vibrant application for online tickets, events distribution, and relationships across the globe for performers, professionals, sports clubs, academia, arts institutions, and consumer institutions. Founded by the Group, its tickets and events imaging solution provides customers and affiliates with an end-to-end solution to track their total tickets holdings and build comprehensive behavioural profiling of past and prospective purchasers.

Veritix Flash Seats 3D ticket technologies have revolutionised the sport and livestyle entertainment industries by providing zero-paper entry to venues and giving performers, teams and event organizers the ability to take back complete dominance of their aftermarket. Among Veritix's customers are the Paramount Theatre of Kroenke Sports Enterprises, Dick's Sport Goods Park, Colorado Rapids, Pepsi Center, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Crush and the Colorado Mammoth - as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers,

Please see veritix.com for more information or call 216-466-8082.

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