Quicken Loans Corporate Office

Loans Quicken Corporate Office

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Congress to kick start speeding loans hosted the PGA Tour Executive Women's Day Tour

With many of the world's top PGA Tour athletes preparing to present their talents at the Quicken Loans National 2016, the competition will provide the setting for an all-day meeting to provide inspiration for female professionals during PGA TOUR Executive Women's Days on Monday 20 June. They will meet at the famous Congressional Country Club Club Club House in Bethesda with up to 150 businesspeople from Washington, D.C. who will attend the meeting, which will feature keyboard speakers speeches, podium discussion, network meetings and a behind-the-scenes Tour of the Series.

PGA TOUR is proud to work with Morgan Stanley, who will serve as item sponsors of the podium debate and give speeches for nine Executive Women's Day venues across the state, to include the Quicken Loans Nationwide Fund. A total of 19 PGA TOUR Executive Women's Day sessions will take place during the 2016 TOUR tournament, tapping into some of the nation's most vibrant women's leadership and innovation to explore key topics faced by today's women-leadership.

Each year, this beloved annual meeting gathers together powerful female professionals from national tournaments to take part in a dedicated meeting focusing on career advancement, executive coaching, corporate communication, corporate citizenship and corporate citizenship. Keynote speaker will be Carla Harris, Morgan Stanley VP, UBS Equity, Morgan Stanley Executive Board, UBS Equity, Morgan Stanley, Global Wellness Manager, Morgan Stanley Executive Board, Morgan Stanley General Manager and Morgan Stanley Keynote speaker.

Harris's debate will concentrate on the power vs. relation money and what it needs to be a mighty, effective and effective guide. Podium discussions will include Ann Compton, White House secretary for the legendary ABC News (1973-2014), Mara Liasson, Nazi public radio policy secretary and FOX News Channel staff member, and radio reporter Judy Woodruff, co-chair and editor-in-chief of PBS NewsHour.

Good Morning Washington and News at Noon on ABC7/WJLA-TV will be hosted by Jummy Olabanji, who will moderate the debate that will concentrate on the development of the online era and its impact on the 2016 Presidency races. Stanley appreciates the importance of mentoring and involving females in the sport of playing by partnering with First Tee.

Stanley extends this link with First Tee by welcoming a selected group of young women golfer from the First Tee chapter to join them for a training and social network at each of the Executive Women's Days sponsored by the company. More than 6,000 women leaders have attended Executive Women's Days since its founding in 2013.

For a full listing of 2016 activities, please visit the PGA TOUR Executive Women's Day website at www.executivewomensday.com.

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