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Chandler & Co. arranges mortgages and loans for existing, group and new nursing home operators. Also be aware that you may miss some deals because some mortgage lenders do not offer mortgages through brokers.

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That can prevent you from giving up your precious amount of your precious mortgage year! You will have privileged acces to some special offers that are not available from the main road lenders. Working in close collaboration with independant mortgage brokers and lenders, we offer a one-stop service that ensures all your pecuniary needs are met and helps you reduce the effort and amount of buying around you.

What mortgage is best for you? Mortgage: a mortgage in which the interest on your saving is deducted from the mortgage interest, thereby decreasing the mortgage amount or shortening the mortgage time.

What makes you think you can use us?

We offer tailor-made financing solutions covering all financing needs of : Acquisition, refinancing, development, expansion and financing restructurings. The funds made available depend on your finances and your account balance, and the prices and conditions quoted to you may differ from the above. Our offer includes the following services: Since 1995, Chandler & Co. have been experts in the nursing industry - our present staff has over 150 years of joint expertise in this field.

Our seasoned staff can offer you a tailor-made service with an envious contact history - not only in terms of finance, but also every stage of the way with competent help and instruction. A Chandler & Co. seasoned brokers working on your account has a beneficial impact on the acquiring proces.

A credit manager has been developed to give you an idea of what your credit can mean for you. For further assistance or a free overview of our finances, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is the mortgage procedure?

Below we look at how the application for a mortgage works and what you need to think about. How does the mortgage application procedure work? But there are several different stages that you need to go through as you buy a home before you actually request a mortgage.

First, it is usually a good idea to make sure that you fully comprehend the different kinds of mortgages available and how the interest on them is computed. They can also obtain finance from third party advisors, such as mortgage brokers who browse the mortgage markets for a transaction suitable for your particular circumstances.

Talking to an estate agent can be useful because not only can you gain insight into your specialist knowledge, but you can also reduce your research times and get help completing documents. Always make sure that your brokers are registered in the Financial Services Register to make sure they are duly licensed.

They can also talk directly to a local savings and loan association about what type of mortgages they can provide. You will be asked to provide some fundamental information about your income and your loan histories and try to find out which type of mortgage products are right for you.

They may then be able to obtain a "mortgage in principle", which means that they would be willing to grant you loans if you meet all their criteria. As soon as you have found the right home and want to proceed with the buy, you would go back to the lender and begin the de facto mortgage offering.

It includes a thorough investigation of your finances, which includes income, expenses and a full loan review with a local information bureau. Prior to making a definitive determination, the creditor will most likely require a rating of the real estate to make sure it corresponds to the amount they will lend you.

Where is the distinction between consultant and pure performance mortgage? Performance-only mortgage loans are when an individual enters into a mortgage without any help from a finance adviser or mortgage brokers. So what's a "mortgage in principle"? Basically, a mortgage (also known as a "mortgage request in principle" or a "mortgage ruling in principle") is a declaration by a creditor that he will loan you a certain amount on the basis of the information you provide.

It' not a warranty, but an indicator that they would be willing to loan you the cash "in principle". Do you need any documentation to apply for a mortgage? Requirements differ from lender to lender and may differ according to your individual situation, e.g. if you are not a British national.

If your mortgage request is rejected, what can you do? When your mortgage request is rejected, there may be several different grounds why the creditor has made this choice. When you do not earn enough, or you spend too much, the creditor may have chosen that you cannot pay your refunds.

If so, it may be advisable to consider the amount of mortgage you can get and how you can better budgetize your expenses. You can also obtain a so-called "guarantee mortgage" if another individual, usually a family member or boyfriend, consents to take full charge of the debts in the case that you are not able to maintain the repayment.

A possible obstacle for getting a mortgage may be your loan history, especially if you have a history of failed repayments, failures or bankruptcy. In case you have problems, you can find more information in this review about improving your credibility.

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