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Paid for credit

If you pay with a credit/debit card, a confirmation page will be loaded at the end of the booking process. disbursements There are several ways to pay for your Wizz flight: Complete your reservation with the purchase of your voucher with your purchase of your iDeal account! Please click on "Pay and Reserve now" for the current listing of eligible bankers and further information on how to make an appointment with us. At the time you make your reservation, you will be sent email containing directions on how to select the remittance method.

Please insert the verification key in the box for the initial comments of your wire order. However, if additional comments are available, please fill in the full name of the first person when making the reservation. Make sure you pay the amount of your reservation in the selected language.

To pay by wire payment, you must make your reservations at least 14 workingdays prior to your flight start date. In case you would like to pay for several reservations, each with its own verification key, please pay these separately. Fares are displayed in the departing language when you book (e.g. HUF for Budapest departures), but you can also choose another language.

When you have a Euro bankaccount, please use a SEPA credit card in order to reduce your costs. Please enter the desired denomination and the corresponding bankaccount number will be shown. Payments must be made within 1 business working days of making the reservation. A client can make a reservation by wire order.

There is no possibility to make a wire payment in Ukraine Hryvnia from a foreign institution. You can pay by credit cards if you do not have a Ukraine bankaccount. Payment coming from non-Ukraine banks will be refunded to the sender's banking address and the reservation will not be made.

Out of Serbia, only non-resident Serbia dinars (RSDs) can be transferred. If you pay with a credit/debit credit you will receive a verification page after completing the reservation procedure. Failure to receive the email confirming your travel itinerary will result in your email filtering preferences being checked and all email inboxes containing emails that have been filters.

You will find your verification number, data, overall rate and all other necessary information in your itinerary. Visas, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact and UATP credit and debit cards are acceptable. Also, you can use your own credit line to pay for your WIZZ co-branded cards. When you do not have a credit or debit key or when your credit will not be used, it is possible to pay your ticket by wire payment or using your credit balance.

It is also possible to redeem a WIZZ voucher. Residual sums ( if available ) are to be payed with the map. Payments must be made within 24 Stunden of reservation. It can take up to 4-5 working day to confirm your reservation. Unless you are asked to prove your intent to pay, please do not submit your order.

First, please consult your credit provider to help us diagnose the issue. When you pay by credit or debit cards, your payments are handled by an electronic credit or debit system. If we quote the End Fee in a different currency than EUR or GBP, you may find that the amount debited to your Debit or Credit Cards may differ (and exceed) the End Fee in our Reservation Acknowledgement due to foreign exchange rate differentials in the Global Credit Cards System.

Should the issue persist, please consult your local banking institution and see if on-line payments with your credit cards are available or if there is a purchasing limit. Please note that there is no guarantee that your credit cards will not be used. In order to pay by credit cards, you must make a new reservation with the latest rates.

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