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Detroit, MI Interviews Issues Answering this questions essentially describes your decision-making processes and how you handle your issues.....

Well, I should have said one of the states in the United States.... this is a simple response to its kind of subtile. Depending on your business sector. You want to get rid of the state without clients:o) at this tier your quote is important.

Ultimately, the issue was to choose a state to get out of and say why.... Let me answer this by asking a simple yes or no - is the aim to get one state out to sink to 49? A state must exist that wants to abandon the European project.

"And I would ask this questions - is the aim to get away from a state to sink to 49 states? A state must exist that wants to abandon the European project. "You' d just piss off the interviewer with that response while you're just prancing around.

It'?s a straightforward one. Don't analyse the response too much. So, Hoog, how would you respond to that one? Okay, just erase Idaho as long as the USA wants to remove one of the better tourist attractions in regards to outside activity (winter or summer). It' just as easily to get rid of Vermont or Maine - give one of those states to Canada.

The aim of this interviewee issue seems to be to uncover the presence of some deep-seated prejudice and rage problems among respondents. 1 ) It's a dumb one. A little like "Are you a jar 1/2 full or 1/2 empty question", it's a silly thing. It is Jack Bauer who must determine which state should wipe out the populace, otherwise 50 Megatons of atomic weaponry will explode in the midst of the 5 biggest US cities.

No, both states are at very strategically important geographic sites. Worryingly unclear issue. Does "elimination" aim to bring the number of states down to 49? Questions need more frame. According to which criterions do I remove a state? For my part, I would ask for more information about what they mean by "eliminate" - what they mean by that has a big influence on my decision-making as well.

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