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I' m near Quicken Loans Office.

"'It gives me the warm lint." and several other Quicken Loans locations in Detroit. The Quicken Loans Nation - Before the US Open, Reed had taken 8th place at the Memorial and fifteenth place at Dean & Deluca, and only Dustin Johnson now takes him to the top 10 places this year, although this is the most statistically serious thing he has experienced since his arrival on the PGA Tour.

Whilst nobody was tougher around the green this year - no easy task considering how many puts he failed to put - Reed's greatest enhancement area is outside the area. Last in 2014, when the tournament took place here, Justin Rose defeated Shawn Stefani in a playoff - two men who finished the campaign side by side in places 30 and 29 in a stroke - in 2014: away from the tees.

On rank 44, a rankings well above last year's, it's now fairly good to call Reed's riding strong, and it's quite clear that when he begins making puttingts, he'll be very near to win again. Perfectly pumping it from the tea, it has a useful shape behind it in this respect.

An' s all-round statistics are powerful, as is its current outline. These two under camera attempts were even better when I was digging a little lower to see that he had taken 8th place at Muirfield and 4th at Oakmont.

Rosa Floyd News:: Cerebral Palsy - 27 September

Previously known as the Gund Arena, the Quicken Loans Arena last evening hosted Roger and his great show. Preliminary accounts point to another crisp show, but with a number of viewers split over the policy message. Turns out the trip goes to Windy City itself, Chicago, for a show on Friday evening.

The Plain Dealer website, Cleveland, has a good rating. Concerning the goods, I noted that the back of the shirt was marked âfor Sydâ in purple and asked if this had been added since his death. It was a pleasant surprise to me when I realized that the overwhelming number aboard seemed quite clumsy with Roger's politics, which even I, as a rabid bush detractor, found quite awkward.

There' still a guy behind us screaming "Fuck you, Roger! Leave Beirut has occupied me since I downloaded the track less than a weeks ago. Those who are amazed that Roger presents his policy in musically way have just not paid heed in the last 30+ years. Personally, I must concur with the supporter who proposed that he break out of the 80' and stop looking like trying a hairband!

The majority of the performers who are playing here enjoy the chance to welcome us with âHello Cleveland! But as a pos-script he mentioned a pocket he had taken back from the Animals trip where Cleveland was mentioned (or something like that?) and that he will always recall this one. However, my favourite thing about the whole thing was that Roger obviously enjoyed seeing us record all the video effect.

Roger and his group were seen only last evening at the Q Arena in Cleveland OH. It was a close tape. Speaking on a personal note, I welcome Roger for not being scared of expressing his opinions in the hostile camps, so to say. Leave Beirut seemed to make many folks think, which was the intent.

I wish Roger would bring another one out like that! And Roger did a great singing, no lip-synching. Where I was seated, there was no boasting at all on politics. Cleveland Show was an overwhelming hit. Last night I was at the show in Cleveland, Ohio. Wish the whole thing had been playing Shine On.

I' d been reading review from previous shows where Kilminster lacked excitement, last evening he was playing with emotions and making a big contribution to Gilmour's guitars work. Same goes for the remainder of the group. I hope this isn't the last time we see Roger. Look, I spent good cash watching a show and listening to great musik - NOT to hear someone's politics.

A long-time Pink Floyd\Roger Waters supporter and inhabitant of Northeast Ohio, I was looking forward to seeing what kind of response the Cleveland set would have to the more political side of Roger's show. Regarding the show itself, Roger even surpassed my expectation by far. Every show I listen to is good footage and "Perfect Sense" was even better than the 1999-2000 tours because of the new movie and scene explosion.

Roger Delgado believes he's out of control. I' ve seen the 75 and 77 tour and the same tunes they did last evening, 30 years ago they started to play with their heads with their own optical effect, not just with politics. Last evening I suppose it really showed me how much he is against the goverment in general.

Wish he would keep his own opinions to himself and not try to impose them on us. Everybody doesn't share his opinions. This is a notice about policy and abandoning Beirut in general: But they are generally well thought out and sincere, and I must pay tribute to him for that.

To fuck a man because he said his opinion (when you need to know he's known for his seditious policies) and pay for the privilege is just silly. lf Waters' policy offends you, don't go. Wallpapers were incredibly well done (especially at Living Beirut, Fletcher Memorial Home, Shine On and the entire Dark Side), and many of them were connected.

It seemed to Roger that he really loved to play for us and he was in a good mood throughout the show, even though he should have known that some of the viewers were probably offended by what he had to say. Return to the show... From my point of view there was dubbing of lips by the vocalist who was singing Great Gig, and Roger missed too.

Good work Roger!!!!!!!! Roger's show seems to be the best in an interior venue and The Q (or formerly known as The Gund) was the ideal venue for the show. Somebody near an island leading to the basement threw a spill. The very close musicianship of the group and the surrounding sounds were really the best I could hear on this trip.

After reading many review on this page for the shows in Europe (and intentionally not reading any review for the previous US shows), I wasn't ready for the excellent show that Roger and his group had to offer. Both Harry Waters and Snowy White were especially unforgettable. OK, to the policy message....

However, I concur with earlier critics that although I disagree with Roger's policy position, I appreciate that this is part of what he is and has always been. It was not to be allowed to spoil the experiment, although I thought that abandoning Beirut was thematic, but not musical. Altogether, this is certainly one of the most important "not to miss" trips of the year, and for me the Cleveland show is one of the best.

Incidentally, a memento will be on offer on the tour: a postcard of the "painted prism", autographed and numerated by Roger.

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