Accept Credit Card Payments Online

Online acceptance of credit card payments

Receive payments and credit cards from the world's leading providers. rates that are suitable for every company. Our rates are engineered to provide the best value for money for companies of all shapes and sizes. Our rates are based on the following And if you have more than one trader affiliate then you can merge them for just 5 + UK tax per extra affiliate and per extra monthly fee. Trader Contacts are supported with all UK Trader Contacts.

You are already connected to another gateways but want to take full benefit of our industry leader gateways?

We have a system that translates to all the main UK payments gateway systems.

Receive credit card payments online at great rates.

Our solution allows you to select the solution that best suits your company, without incurring undue costs. We have developed proprietary integration with the best payments processors in the trade, such as PayPal powered by Braintree, Square, Adyen, Stripe, and Klarna. The PayPal by Braintree is the most advanced payments solution on the web, used by high-volume service providers such as Uber and Airbnb.

PayPal's service can boost revenue by up to 17%. We have integrated scam engines into our indigenous payments integrates such as PayPal, Klarna and Amazon Pay. Transactions in any denomination through PayPal enabled by Braintree, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Stripe and Chase Paymentech. Adyen' our integrated solution allows you to provide more than 250 different payments depending on your site.

Receive credit card payments | Administer your business with the card payments application.

Accepting card payments no longer requires the use of specialized gear. Historically, merchants had to have what are sometimes called PDQ pay terminal s/machines to complete a cashless operation. You must either leave the line or edit the direct or credit memo later.

Finally, the system is based on operations carried out at a single geographical point. The area in which a card can be handled is even restricted in radio transmission where the PDQ is removed from the basic processing point of the paypoint. But today, thanks to the card payments application, you can accept card payments wherever you want.

In order to make card payments using a portable card reader, you must first install the CumUp Card Payments application. The only thing you have to do is fill in the cardholder's data in the application and the credit card transaction will be handled for you. The use of a portable card system means the conversion to the 21st centuries technologies.

The offer of portable card transaction enables vendors to take orders when they are on the move and make orders pay immediately. Everyone who provides portable solutions, such as beauticians, electricalians, horticulturists and cleaning staff, can receive payments from their clients at home without having to pay by cheque or money.

In fact, you can be prepaid before you begin, which helps reduce the commercial risks of non-payments and delayed payments. When accepting card payments with an Internet-enabled portable system, you should be aware of the impact on safety. First, all your personal information is encoded when it is transferred between your portable devices and the ISP so that it cannot be obtained by third parties through fraud.

You and your clients benefit from this flexible approach.

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