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Free-of-charge credit card logos, images and symbols More than 165 credit card logos, pictures and symbols! When you click on the credit card icon you want to see in full screen mode, copy the text in the field to the right (right click in Windows or press'CTRL-C') and insert it into the web page of your website. Simple and free! TIP: Put the HTML at the top of your web page to immediately inform your users that you are accepting credit card information.

They may use the NUR only if it stays unaltered in its totality. Pictures may not be photocopied. Some of the best logos in the globe have been created with the goal of presenting a trademark that is recognized by audiences around the globe. One of the beauties of credit card logos is the fact that they tell the consumer that it is simple to make a transaction to a seller who will display it.

Market places and services such as, and that use credit card payments and show high value credit card logos are likely to generate higher revenues than those that do not. One of the probably most challenging issues that merchants dealing on-line have to face is the search for popular credit card logos in an easy-to-use form.

If you copy an picture from another website, you will usually not get a picture of high enough resolution, and there is even the possibility that it may cause you problems. How do you pack these popular credit card logos in a way that is simple to integrate into your website? This website's unique coding can readily be inserted into any website so that you have full control over the logos that can recognise customers and help make simple and safe payments.

There is a unique identifier to display on your website for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal and arcane credit card logos such as Cirrus, Maestro and others. If you need an illustration that shows the Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card logos in one, you'll find the same here.

Finally, it is one thing to say that you are accepting these popular modes of payments, but the presentation of their logos gives your website a much more sophisticated look. The credit card logos are much more eye-catching than just saying in words that you are accepting these payments options, and incorporating these pictures into your website is now so simple that any website owner can do it.

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