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As a rule, credit cards are offered by specialized lenders such as Marbles, Vanquis, Aqua and Black Diamond. You will also find a limited selection of well-known names such as Barclaycard, Capital One and Tesco. They can use a comparison website to see what different credit card providers offer. It can help you choose the right card for you.

Locate Your Credit Card Provider - Credit Card - Instructions

The knowledge of your credit card company is important. Below is a complete listing of which British credit card companies hold which credit card. How important is it that you know your credit card company? When you apply for a new 0% credit card, you should find out who is providing the card you are interested in to prevent disappointments later.

Whose credit card is this? In fact, many credit card vouchers are actually used by another creditor. Exclusion of liability: This information is for orientation purposes only and does not constitute legal counsel.

The best and badest credit card providers

When you' re looking for a credit card, which one? Two credit card options are offered: There is a typical annual interest rate of 15.9% and no residual charge. The credit card of the countrywide purchase offer provides the same offer - one year of interest-free carryovers and expenses as is possible for any countrywide client.

At 17.9%, however, the annual interest rate on this card is somewhat more onerous. Do you see the latest transfers of balances and purchase transactions on which page? John Lewis Partner Coupon Points are awarded every single token you issue for your partner card. Do you see the most important rewards credit card transactions with which? Two credit card options are offered:

M&S Bank Credit Card Plus provides 25 month 0% on purchase and bank wire, with a 2.9% charge for credit card transactions. M&S Bank Rewards Plus credit card is intended for those who like to buy at the merchant. You' ll earn 2,000 M&S points of £20 if you use your card within the first 90 trading day and twice the M&S points for all your first 12 month transactions.

There are also interest-free expenses and compensatory payments for six month (with a charge of 2.9%). Each card has a typical annual percentage rate of charge of 18.9%. Do you see the top0% on shopping, reward and credit card balancing via the credit card where? Survey of the general population on their credit card providers in May 2018.

Our above chart is distilled from 6,741 answers and shows which of the 29 credit card providers we were able to evaluate has the most and the least happy clients. Suppliers must have a minimal sampling number of 30 interviewees to be considered.

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